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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to speak with the team at Strategic Investors Australia.

We value and appreciate the opportunity to understand how we can support you on your investing journey. As the team would have mentioned during their call with you – this is the NEXT BEST STEP! – And will allow us to work with you in “creating total clarity” when we meet for your personalised.

What Can I Do Now Appointment. – If you haven’t already booked your zoom based WCIDN appointment – you will have the opportunity to do so once you have submitted the form.

Please take the time now to fill in this data form.

The information you provide us will make the time we spend together much more fruitful – instead of taking the time we will have together asking lots of questions about numbers, we will already have them in front of us.

Even more, importantly will have been able to do some research on what you have provided – so “Accuracy” will make a difference to the quality of the conversation we have.

You can call us with any questions while filling out the form; the data does save if you need to go away from this tab and return.

  1. Once you’ve completed the form and submitted it, you will;
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Finally, once you hit the submitted button, a new tab will open with my calendar to allow you to book a suitable appointment time with our strategy team – we recommend 2-3 days from submission!

Thanks from the Team
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